Calgary Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


CBT WORKS like this:

Our THOUGHTS about a situation affect how we FEEL (emotionally and physically) and subsequently how we BEHAVE.  We each give MEANINGS to events that are happening in our lives, and they can be very different from person to person, depending on our own perspectives.  If we THINK Unhelpful Thoughts —>  we FEEL Unhelpful Feelings and tend to —>  BEHAVE in Unhelpful Ways.

A Vicious Cycle is created when we get in the habit of applying negative meanings to situations.

What to Expect During CBT Counselling

  1. CBT focuses on relieving your symptoms in the Here and Now, not just the reasons why you have the struggles you are enduring.
  2. CBT is structured, educational and a collaborative effort between you and me.
  3. CBT will involve HOMEWORK outside of the therapy hour in order to benefit the most from the new skills you will learn.  The real upside of your effort will be learning to become your own therapist!

You will learn how to:  

  • Become more aware of the self-talk chatter in your brain.
  • Ask yourself how helpful those thoughts are – how they work or how they don’t work.
  • Target the unhelpful thinking traps.
  • Notice the emotions, feelings and behavioural responses that the thoughts produce.
  • Challenge your automatic assumptions and beliefs.
  • Find alternative perspectives, more helpful self-statements and a more balanced, supportive way of talking to yourself.
  • Engage in behaviours that affirm your self-worth and contribute to a positive cycle of better thoughts and better feelings.

Would you like to Take the First Step in Thinking, Feeling and Doing Better in your Life?

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